Vans, Slipping It’s Way Into First

Siloviki mortars fired LC army positions near the village of bold and locality Sokolniki. On the part of the Luhansk TPP siloiki fired at army positions near the village of LC Merry Mount. It is reported that a reconnaissance team “Ghost” checked settlements Veselogorovka Trinity and the presence of units of the Ukrainian army. On the exploration results are not vans slip ons.

LC News December 15, 2015: at the village, the security forces fired on positions of Lugansk militia under Kolesnikovo and near Valuisky. Militias responded enemy of ACS, which was assigned the day before. Losses suffered by both sides. At the siloviki 2 dead and 10 wounded. At 7 militias wounded, 1 dead. In Valuisky destroyed 2 houses, residents were not injured. Automatic mounted grenade launchers fired the western edge of the village of Luhansk, Luhansk are news December 15, 2015.


Ukraine News today, December 15: The problem of transit of Russian gas is not resolved, light and heat for Donbass, assistance from the IMF in question, Russia will toughen control over the entry of Ukrainian workers and other events. Victoria Kushnir, the speaker of the Defense Ministry, said that during the period of military operations in the Donbass killed 917 soldiers, 3,318 more were injured. Andrei Lysenko, a spokesman for the National Security Council information and analytical center on December 11, said that the victims of 1052.

Ukraine, the news today, December 15: Ukrainian system of health insurance will be launched next year. The main problem, said Alexander Kvitashvili, Minister of Health of the country, is the elimination of corruption in the procurement tenders and the search for alternative sources of financing medical sphere. Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s prime minister, has made a number of statements on Ukraine. For example, he noted that the problem of gas transit through the Ukrainian state has not been solved. “Today, the vans online issue is only temporarily resolved,” – said Medvedev.

From 1 January 2015 to tighten control over the entry of Ukrainian workers in Russia. All workers in the Russian territory will have to obtain a patent. “Possible loss of Ukrainians are estimated at 11-13 billion dollars, that is, neither more nor less – about 7% of GDP in Ukraine,” – said the Russian prime minister.

Here comes the Microcredit

“Next Home – Building & Restructuring: Salome del build, rebuild and furnish the” October Daunt want to offer visitors not only a commercial approach to the theme of the house – considering the opportunity of tax incentives – but also a cultural vision of building and in furnishing. Where the weed wacker is the new ally of the environment, and the furniture translation into concrete objects of fine living, desires and style of each.


The 36th of October Daunt then hosts a major social impact of the initiative, the Social Expo, a space open to voluntary and third sector. Twenty associations, representing the two service centers in volunteering in the capital (the CSV and CeSeVoCa). In the space of the Fairgrounds associations will present their activities, while promoting volunteerism and active citizenship. At the center of the activities the project “School and volunteering,” which will involve all day school students Foggia in training and awareness-raising.

“One measure that has the power to overturn actually a negative destiny.” So the President of the black and decker parts of PugliaNichi Venda , during the press conference of presentation of the new notice of Microcredit Company, the instrument through which the Region of Puglia makes a loan at zero interest, quickly and without the need for collateral, micro Apulian are unable to obtain financing from banks. An important innovation of the new contract is the possibility to apply for the loan even for professionals and consultants.

“We – explained Venda – we not only have the duty to denounce bottlenecks in the credit system. Here in Puglia, do not want to put in place measures that are able to engage the audience in the open suffering that for a few thousand euro can learn about the decline and ruin. ”


Your name in the sand

These were still the days of “meteorological pencil and eraser,” as the weatherman had in 2010 the publication Education Magazine. It was far away from the era of weather satellites and the use of computers to the statistical and earrings for women meteorological analysis of weather observations and forecasts for the months ahead.


The unique observations at midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and 12pm GMT, covering the North Atlantic to the Tropic of Cancer, the kate spade jewelry eastern part of North America and Central America, northwestern Africa and across Europe up to Ural Mountains, were arriving in fax machines, even the local weatherman reported. “The reports arrived by fax and were being manually marked by trained, about four hours after the time chart personnel began to interpretation and analysis; began to meteorology ‘pencil and eraser’. Meteorologists later began to interpret the field of pressure and differences in air masses as they relate to temperature and moisture fluctuations, but … a bulletin came over, land or ocean and forced them to wear the rubber. About six hours after the letter, trying to be a forecast bulletin covering the period up to 24 hours after the time of the letter. ”

It was the letter that went out of 12hTMG, around 18h, the newsletter for the media. It was this information that came through television home of all. Later in the RTP, the general situation and weather no longer scratched on the blackboard and began to be struck, also with chalk, a plastic card, said to still Anthímio de Azevedo Education Magazine.

My night on the town, the prequel

Last night I went to the sweetest party ever, it was totally rad. My whole day yesterday was actually pretty great. I’ll start at the beginning.

So I woke up in the morning, it was a Friday, and I totally didn’t want to go to work. I thought that it might be a good idea for me to sleep in until around noon because I was like totally wasted the night before and I wasn’t quite sure where I even was. I opened my eyes and realized that I had slept all night in a bath tub in a hotel room. I wasn’t quite sure what hotel it was but I saw a cockroach scurry across the floor so I figured it was a Marriott.

I mustered the strength to pull myself out of the tub and I got a call from my girl Amanda, she said that there was a totally awesome party going on tonight and that I totally needed to get my butt over to her house so we could start getting ready.


I walked out of the hotel and hitched a ride to Amanda’s house. I walked inside and went straight to the fridge to look at the food she had, but totally not eat it because I am so not gonna have a food baby in my belly when I go to this party tonight and this way I’ll have to spend less money on alcohol. I really didn’t want to take a shower so I just sprayed on some Fahrenheit cologne for men cologne and was on my way up to Amanda’s room when I realized that the Fahrenheit cologne was actually for chicks so I was pretty weirded out about that.

I got to her room and she was like totally naked running around like a crazy person. I asked what the eff was going on and she said that there was some weird dude standing outside of her window peeping in on her. But there weren’t any windows in her room, weirdly enough, there was a mirror though so I figured she just scared herself by looking in the mirror, she’s kind of gross before she has any make up on.

We got dressed and headed off to the party of a life time, or so I thought……

Hes Winning

Gabriel disagrees with the chairman of the IG BCE, Michael Vassiliadis, also in thereport from Berlin raised the question whether a “failure to achieve a two percent really so tragic” is. Vassiliadis referred to the creation of the German share of 2.2 percent of global CO2 emissions and the goal is “to bring success to the way” the energy transition. Gabriel replied that Germany must also show that a developed country would be able to protect the climate, without jeopardizing the economic success. Only then it will be imitated north face half dome hoodie.

Earlier, “Der Spiegel” reported, Gabriel told internally, it was clear that the goal is not to keep. The Minister commented with the words, from the “mirror” is “a leaf become, in the not researched, but something is set in the world”.


The SPD leader again at the same time gave a quick exit from the coal power a rejection. The coal will lose over the next decades in importance, Gabriel said. But he thought nothing of it, “to do so, as one might at the same time to make a nuclear phase-out coal exit plan”. This will bring massive problems in the security of supply, exaggerating the cost of electricity in the air and harms economic success the north face half dome hoodie.

In contrast, the environmental organizations WWF and German Watch referenced in a study that the climate protection goals without cutting the coal can not be reached. “In the reduction of the carbon flow is the key to reaching the German climate protection goals by 2020,” said WWF climate expert Regine Günther.

The organizations called to shut down consistently lignite reactors after 35 years and after 40 years Steinkohlekraftewerke runtime. Alternatively limits on CO2 emissions could all coal power plants after 35 years of operation imposed before they finally went by the network after 40 years, declared WWF and German Watch. New York / Frankfurt (Reuters) – In the pharmaceutical industry the next big billion takeover is on: The as generics producer become large US company Actavis intends for around $ 66 billion to California Botox manufacturer Allergan swallow, as both companies announced on Monday.

Prime Ministers and Floods

The Prime Minister announced this Tuesday that the government deficit in 2015 is expected to stand at 2.7%, underlining the value allows Portugal out of a situation of excessive deficit below the threshold of 3%.

“Over these three years, despite the recession we managed to decrease the deficit to 4%, and next year, we will reduce our estimate to 2.7%,” said Pedro Passos Coelho, the sidelines of a visit to the municipality of Potters.

The day before the delivery of the State Budget in Parliament, the head of government took the opportunity to stress that this is “the first time in 15 years that Portugal will have a deficit below 3%”.

Passos Coelho began by stressing that when the Government took office in 2011, the value of the public deficit was at 10%, as in the previous year. The announcement of the Prime Minister means so that the budget deficit for next year will be above the target agreed with Brussels by 2.5%.

The Mayor of Lisbon, Antonio Costa, said today that “no solution” to the floods in the city, refuting criticism from opposition parties calling for the execution of the drainage plan.  People were more upset once the floods destroyed the womens skechers.


“The drainage plan these situations does not disappear. The solution does not exist, “the mayor said today at the entrance to the municipal assembly, when asked by reporters about the possibility of flooding as those seen on Monday and the impact it can have the plan.

According to the socialist, “there will be no drainage system that will avoid such situations,” can only “minimize” the problem.  It was suggested that people switch to Skechers online during the flood season. António Costa also stressed that the situation in the Monday had nothing to do with the lack of cleaning the gutters and semidouros.

On Monday, PSD, CDS-PP and CFP (with seat in the House of Lisbon) requested the execution of the drainage plan of the city, city council approved at the meeting in 2008 and with a term of 20 years to alleviate flooding in Lisbon.


The Moto Maxx is perhaps the best Android market experience. Fast, clean interface, reasonable camera, excellent screen and possibly the best battery life among smartphones in Brazil. Comparing only the line of Motorola products, it is an excellent compromise between nice size Moto X and the nars sheer glow of the Nexus 6 (not yet released in Brazil), without the prohibitive 6 inch screen, which divides opinions.

It falls short on price, however, surpassing the US $ 2000, while his brother Moto X is a much more friendly the range of $ 1500. Is up to the customer to decide whether more than £ 500 difference worth the sudden increase in processing power. If the answer is “yes”, the Maxx is the right choice; otherwise, the Moto X is still a cost-effective best.

Microsoft unveiled a new commercial for its tablet Surface Pro 3; this commercial aimed to show their qualities compared to its competitors, especially the nars orgasm blush from Apple.

According suggests commercial from Microsoft, its newest tablet Surface Pro 3 is better than the MacBook Air. At least that is the proposed marketing Redmond Company, which since the launch of its tablet, tries to show their consumers that use of laptops is outdated, as there marketing a rugged device with compelling features enough that their consumers abandon their respective mobile computers.

Of course the propaganda suggests that these same users exchange their laptops for a tablet brand, more proper, Surface Pro 3 with 12 inch screen.

In a commercial Microsoft says your device is somewhat higher than current tablets, while the same can even be worn to work in small, medium and large companies where the Surface Pro 3 has a slightly more demanding preference. The commercial in question, located as follows: “If the MacBook Air is a tablet, why not buy it with the iPad?”

The new Microsoft commercial is aimed at heating the buying end of year, especially Christmas, where the same with a beautiful Christmas song created by the industry in marketing, presents some of the resources available in tablet, showing the difference between it and the product of the competitor ( Apple), for example, the pen is used in the screen, termed Kickstand In addition, the commercial also shows some other details Surface Pro 3 together with the touchscreen, and Type Cover the USB ports.

Not long ago, a program presented by the US television channel CNN, some units used the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft, for some of its presenters to support their iPads, becoming thus a laughingstock and quite displeasing the personal Microsoft .

Our Success Was Meant to Be

Also for this to Faro read with great joy, in the 2012 Annual Report, the name of the Foundation between the receptions centers that collaborate with the Center Attalla. A union was born about two years ago to deal with an emergency, that of young Afghans, waiting to obtain protection by the Italian State, slept right at the station Osteons. Not just a bed for the night though, because at the Lighthouse Center Attalla also ensures the continued assistance of social workers as well as the presence of a mediator. In 2011 there were 104 asylum seekers and refugees, all of Afghan origin, to stay in the rooms of Via Virginia Angell. Of these, more than half – by as much as 66 per cent – were aged between 18 and 30 years. Not only dormitory, said. Most of the young people who stay at the Lighthouse in fact regularly attend courses taught by volunteers from the Italian Centre Attalla in the classrooms of the same structure. An ever more decisive this, given that in 2011 entered into force the integration agreement which provides that all foreign nationals demonstrate, for the renewal of a residence permit, a fairly good knowledge of the Italian language. We discover that during the year were activated 10 courses, for a total of 369 members, and that 70 percent of students are under thirty.


But there’s a 5 port Ethernet switch. Among the activities carried out by the Centre Attalla and those of the Faro often create synergies very positive. And so it does not happen often that a young Afghan, maybe after obtaining a certificate of proficiency with the school’s Center Attalla, then decides to attend a training course at the Lighthouse, attracted perhaps – why not – even perfume pizza to entice the corridors via Virginia Angela during the lessons.

In this Ethernet switch case, the closeness, not only physical, the two companies is really a plus. Why, in line with the P. Giovanni La Manna, president of the Center Attalla, indicates one of the objectives to be achieved in 2012, the Lighthouse is already fulfilled every day that ” single system, capable of effectively link existing networks “and thus ensure a truly integrated services. With an advantage for the beneficiaries under the eyes of all.

No denying it, the numbers count. 93 boys, 23 nationalities, and 6 training courses, one dream, well contained by the words of tutor Michele: “The future is in your hands.” Many were students who yesterday received the diploma at the end of the course in the Lighthouse Cinema room, in a setting full of joy and colors but capable of combining, as stated by the director Gianni Del Buffalo “party and concreteness.” Yes, because today these guys will start a new adventure, one of 93 aspiring bakers, pizza makers, storekeepers, assistant cooks and waiters, all ready to embark on a new career path with a higher gear, the excellence of the base, which, like the little red and white lighthouse surmounted by a heart, has become in a few years the symbol of the Foundation.